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CODEF ports of remakes!

Antoine SANTO made a great lib for javascript coders like me: CODEF! With it you can make easily oldschool intros like the one at top! Severals effects are available like scrolltext, distort, dots, 3D, …

You can also take a look at some intros made with it at: ! Some of them were made by yours truly…

Remakes of intros

Here are some remake I’ve done for All these are win32 executables. Macintosh port will come soon…

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Testing the Amp6!

Yep after some hours of work, here it is:


I have put it in a « BEARD » box, with gold connectors, a toroid transformer, Audioquest cables (speakers), Ah Phan Kim « Espace » for modulation, and two GREAT 4,7uF caps for inputs!

It just works fine, but got some little problem:

  1. It makes a BIG « Ploc » at unsleep (or power if the sleep jumper is on)
  2. The input level seems not to be as good as it should be. The gain is to big, and the sound pot does not its job, the power is going to quick. I think I sould modify the input stage.

Wait and see…

Amp6 assembly step by step!

I have taken some pics from my Amp6 assembly. You can see how simple it is. The only difficult step is, for me, the toroid inductor winding. Something also to admit: if you don’t have good eyes, just go away :)

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Amp6 kit from!

Hiya! Sunday 8 june, I have buyed the Amp6 kit from It arrived only after 9 days. Great works, Jan!

This little Class-T amp should be better than the Trends Audio TA 10.1! All reviews from the net give good advice from it.

It consists of a small 43X100X40mm pcb and a TriPath TA2020 chip (and lotsa small components :) ).

Amp6 kit

I have also borrowed a 15V transformer, an Alps variator and some gold connectors to make all together soon.