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Mega STE connected!

Believe it or not, after 3 years of lazyness, I have made the impossible : connecting my MegaSTE :)

But what a ugly sound! I have completly forgotten that dis old harddisk make so much sound… Well have to find a way to stop it quick. I don’t think I will be able to hear this for ages. Help, a SD card!

So what? Well, I have took a look at my old code. Got some unfinished demos here.

Hummm… who knows? :)

Testing Trends Audio TA10.1

For those who know me well, I’m also interested in audiophile sound. I’ve got a quite simple but great system wich consists of :

  • Arcam Alpha 8SE CD player
  • Audio Innovation Lamp Amplifier
  • JPW Sonata speakers
  • QED Silver Spiral modulation & TypeIV speaker cables.

This system gave me full pleasure since more 10 years. But THE big problem about it is the time to get ready: the vacuum lamp amplifier has to get hot. Without this, the sound is really limited, like a normal Class A :).

With my actual life, already trying to run after time, I was spending less and less time listening to music. Too much time to wait for the system to be ready.

A few months ago, the amplifier got problems : one of the channel was disturbed by a snoring, due to bad caps. As I was in a lack of time, the Audio Innovation was disconnected and I stopped completly to listen music :( !

Last days a friend of mine, Hervé Degard, told me about numerical amplifier, and the little -but great- Trends Audio TA 10.1 . This small amplifier – you can hold it in the hand – gaves a very hight quality sound and is based on the « Class-T » technology (in fact itself based on the Class-D type).

He lands me one for testing:

trends1.jpg trends2.jpg

As you see, it is really SMALL and seems to be a toy. But don’t trust your first advice, this little box provides an impressive sound!

Its specifications:

T-Amp IC Tripath TA2024
Output Power 2 x 15W @ 4ohm, 2 x 10W @ 8ohm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 98dB
Dynamic Range 98dB
IHF-IM Distortion 0.10% @ 1W, 4ohm
0.03% @ 9W, 4ohm
0.1% @ 11W 4ohm
0.1% @ 6W 8ohm
10% @ 15W 4ohm
10% @ 10W 8ohm
Power Efficiency 81% @ 15W, 4ohm, 90% @ 10W, 8ohm

After just 30 minutes of listening, I was completly amazed by this product. The sounds is really defined, and feeling just fine. Yes, it is NOT as good as my Audio Innovation, but I must admit that it gaves me very good sensations, just like a big amplifier.

So now, why this test on a Atari freak website? Just because this product reminds me the well known message from our loved computer trademark:

« Power without the Price! »

This type of amplifier, that delivers so great sound, is very cheap, considering the price of « normal » amplifiers. The Trends Audio is actually 150€ (less more if you buy it in US on the net), and sounds more than a 300-400€ one.

For more informations, just go to theses reviews:

So what? Well I think I will certainly buy one, but perhaps the KingRex T20U one, wich include a USB DAC converter inside, just to connect my Hackintosh on it :) Wait and see…

WordPress Plug-in : Stop Categories

New small plug-in called « Stop Categories » for the great WordPress!

This is a category filtering for guest visitor. Just check the category you don’t want to be viewed by guests (not logged).

  • Note: You have to add some code in the ‘index.php’ to restrict the categories displayed in the main articles list:

<?php get_header(); ?>

<div id= »content »>


/* here is the code */

if (is_home()){

query_posts(« cat=1,5,4″); /* put the cat you want to make appear in main list */


/* end */

if (have_posts()) :?>


Download wp-stopcat 0.1.0 (Please report bugs! Beware, only in french for the moment)

Gromie (1996 – 2008)

Yersterday, monday the 17th, my beautyfull cat – Gromie – has passed away.

She was the ST Knights’ Mascot. Lotsa night of code were made with her assist!

She was often sleeping next to my keyboard, sometimes typing on it to disturb me and make me take care of her.

Some of you have perhaps read some post from her on #atariscne : it was just like « koezop defjjfpfpke,npef epfepoe » :)

Rest in peace.

Gromie gazon Gromie Amiga

WordPress Plug-in : Restrict category

I have writen a small plug-in called « Restrict Categories » for the great WordPress 2.3!

This is a category user filtering. Just check the category you want him not to use. Simple.

restric screenshot

Download version restricat 0.3.2 (Please report bugs! Beware, only in french for the moment)

  • Note: if you want articles from a sub-category to be restrited, be sure that you have checked the parent category also in the list when writing.