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DBF [CUBES] entry

I’ve made a poor entry called « Lame try of cubes » « Slowly and slowing » for the new DBF challenge:

Could be slow on your computer coz all is done like in the good old time… :D

Direct download : DBF-[cubes]-Jace-STKnights (works on win32) [ Source code in PureBasic : Slowly_and_slowing_src ]

CODEF ports of remakes!

Antoine SANTO made a great lib for javascript coders like me: CODEF! With it you can make easily oldschool intros like the one at top! Severals effects are available like scrolltext, distort, dots, 3D, …

You can also take a look at some intros made with it at: ! Some of them were made by yours truly…

Oldschool never dies!

St Knights entry for the DBF TinyC5 Challenge! This was a little javascript / HTML5 Canvas contest. This prod includes : sprites, starfield, depack effect, tunnel, text, plasmas, particles…

Google Chrome prefered!

Watch online | DBF link | On

Remakes of intros

Here are some remake I’ve done for All these are win32 executables. Macintosh port will come soon…

You must have an account on Retro-Remakes to download these prods!

WordPress Plug-in : Stop Categories

New small plug-in called « Stop Categories » for the great WordPress!

This is a category filtering for guest visitor. Just check the category you don’t want to be viewed by guests (not logged).

  • Note: You have to add some code in the ‘index.php’ to restrict the categories displayed in the main articles list:

<?php get_header(); ?>

<div id= »content »>


/* here is the code */

if (is_home()){

query_posts(« cat=1,5,4″); /* put the cat you want to make appear in main list */


/* end */

if (have_posts()) :?>


Download wp-stopcat 0.1.0 (Please report bugs! Beware, only in french for the moment)