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WordPress Plug-in : Restrict category

I have writen a small plug-in called « Restrict Categories » for the great WordPress 2.3!

This is a category user filtering. Just check the category you want him not to use. Simple.

restric screenshot

Download version restricat 0.3.2 (Please report bugs! Beware, only in french for the moment)

  • Note: if you want articles from a sub-category to be restrited, be sure that you have checked the parent category also in the list when writing.

ST Sound for MacOS Classic

STSound MacMacintosh port of ST Sound Player. This program plays YMST files tunes, which are Atari soundchip music. Projet stopped cause of SNDH player available on OSX.

Works only on MacOS Classic (8.0 -> 9.22, PowerPC only).

Download STSound PPC