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New STKnights prods!

Thanx to Zorro2 for adding 2 old productions by STKnights in the last No-Extra Compil #4:

Here are the screenshots of the 2 screens:

Code : Kelly.X
Gfx: Dieu & The Creator
Music: Mad Max

Code : Kelly.X
Gfx: Dieu
Music: Alan Parker

Plasma intros

Plasma effect intro made for the 20 years demo under the « Atari Freaks » label. As the sourcecode was published in Alive Magazine, it has been re-used several times ;)

Code by Jace, fonts by Dieu, logo by C-REM / Mjj Prods, and others (depends of).

Alan Parker’s complete list of music

MadMaxBrowse all the files under server. All the files are in MP3 format.

Goto Alan’s directory

Alive Mag 7 Intro – 2003

Alive 7 Other little intro for the French mag. Marvellous Gfx by C-Rem/MJJ Prods and Music by DMA-SC/Sector One.

Download Alive 7 intro | On

Toxic Mag 14 Intro – 1998

Toxic 14 Little intro for the French mag. Old Style code! Gfx by Aldyn, Music by Tao/Cream, Introduction picture by Paranoid/Paranoia

Download Toxic 14 intro | On