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Intro – 1994?

STK Alex This is a try to make ST Knights back by new members. This is the first attempt on ST. Code by Totor, Gfx by Paj… After some month and a new demo in project, Totor gone left the Island for studies…

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Colorz – 1993

Colorz This demo won the Place to Be 2 compo. A falcon has been won too, but we never see it (hey the others???). Code by Axel and Jace, gfx by Dieu, Aldyn and music by Ajt.


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Fullparts – 1992

Fullparts First demo under the HMD label. This demo is a fullscreen + 11khz soundtacker demo, and works on all Atari (old stf, new stf, ste). Gfx by The Creator and Dieu

Jace completly fills the fulltrack rout « by the hand », that’s about 20000 lines of non-repetitive code!!!

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Energy For You 2 – 1992-1996

Energy For You 2 Our second soundemo. This was at first coded when we were in Fuzion.As some of us moved to Hemoroids just at the release of demo, it became a Fuzion-HMD production. But Fuzion never release the demo (Jace gave to one of the crackers the files for disk protection).

Finally, Jace manage to finish it in 1996. Musics still by Alan Parker, gfx by Dieu.

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Fuzion CD Intro – 1992

STK Fuzion Very small intro (takes only 17kb on disk) with vertical rasterz. Used in several Cds… Gfx by MacDos and zic by Mad Max

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