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Gromie (1996 – 2008)

Yersterday, monday the 17th, my beautyfull cat – Gromie – has passed away.

She was the ST Knights’ Mascot. Lotsa night of code were made with her assist!

She was often sleeping next to my keyboard, sometimes typing on it to disturb me and make me take care of her.

Some of you have perhaps read some post from her on #atariscne : it was just like « koezop defjjfpfpke,npef epfepoe » :)

Rest in peace.

Gromie gazon Gromie Amiga

My old computers

this gallery will be updated soon. I will put all my old computers and more into it.


Some hardware stuff

Others pictures

Everything else!

Little diner at Aldyn’s home

Was a new time to eat some found from our island.