WordPress Plug-in : Restrict category

I have writen a small plug-in called « Restrict Categories » for the great WordPress 2.3!

This is a category user filtering. Just check the category you want him not to use. Simple.

restric screenshot

Download version restricat 0.3.2 (Please report bugs! Beware, only in french for the moment)

  • Note: if you want articles from a sub-category to be restrited, be sure that you have checked the parent category also in the list when writing.

3 Responses to “WordPress Plug-in : Restrict category”

  • (to the developer only) Appreciate this addon/plugin; I’ve translated this into English – if you’d like a copy, email me. i think this is very useful – could you consider posting it on the WordPress Plugin repository? i’m not sure it works yet, as I’m using 2.5.1


  • I’d love to get that english version if possible. erik_1099 AT yahoo PERIOD com

  • Is there going to be an English version? It would be much appreciated :)

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