Amp6 assembly step by step!

I have taken some pics from my Amp6 assembly. You can see how simple it is. The only difficult step is, for me, the toroid inductor winding. Something also to admit: if you don’t have good eyes, just go away :)

Here they are:

  • Step 1: small capacitors

step1_a.jpg step1_b.jpg

  • Step 3: rectifier and voltage regulator


  • Step 4: rest of the resistors


  • Step 5: C14, C15, C100 ,C20 and C2


  • Step 6: diodes (a bit difficult)

step6_a.jpg step6_b.jpg

  • Step 7: output capacitors (I have also put C99 for personnal reason)


  • Step 8, 9 & 10: driver transistors and LEDs, L11,C1819


  • Step 12,13 & 14: toroid inductor, TA2020 and C50, C6 & C7

step12-13-14.jpg(The inputs caps have been removed, I will use 4,7uF BEARD caps)

Yeah, it’s finished! Now I’m preparing the box (a burned BEARD lamp amplifier). Just wait and see!

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  • Your photos are brilliant. The best i have found on the web. I was (am) a total noob, never picked up a soldering iron before and i last saw a circuit diagram in physics c1988. I am nearly finished now and would like to credit you as this has really helped me.

  • Thanx a lot! Yep, I didn’t found pictures also. So I decided to make some for the others :) Happy to know that it was usefull for you!

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