• ACT 1 – The youth

Our group is quite old on Atari ST but not very known.

All the members were formely living on a small french island in the Indian Ocean called Reunion Island.

Before STKnights, there was a group called « The Stars Riders » whom activity was « coding intros for cracker games ». But as nobody could code intros (several trys in GFA basic, but really too lame), this crew disapeared about 1 year after his creation.

A few members of this group decided to create another one with the purpose of making demos in 1990.

ST Knights was born. At begininng , Kelly.X (Jace) was making gfx, Dieu and Orion GFA code and also gfxs. But Kelly.X began to learn assembly, Dieu, The Creator and Orion(Aldyn) stopped GFA to draw pictures. Later another friend joigned us and made great musics with his amiga: Aland Parker.

After releasing some intros and a succes soudemo, NRJ 4 U, we stopped the group for personal and bullshit reasons (Too young?).

  • ACT 2 – Bottom upwards

Only 3 members of « dead » STK joined another group. The Creator sold his ST after loosing all his codes, gfxs and musics made for THE FIRST megademo in GFA Basic. Disgusted by about one year of hard work lost (his demo was really brillant), he decided to stop all activities.
Alan Parker stopped creating MODs after making the last ones for NRJ FOR U II and started making music on MIDI and his KORG-M1.
Jace and Aldyn entered in FUZION, followed by DIEU.

In this crew we had the project to make a big megademo. But after some intros for their menu, we released that FUZION will never be a demo group :(

Dieu has been the first to left the crew to join HEMOROIDS. Jace manage to finish the second soundemo, NRJII, but under the two labels: HMD-HEMOROIDS. At this moment we forgotten that the two crews where not in a good mood :( FUZION didn’t release the soundemo until Jace made it in 1996.

Some month after, Jace entered in HMD too, then Aldyn.

  • ACT 3 – Top to bottom

The impact of ST Knights in the Hemoroids was important: Dieu, who was certainly one of the best (or simply the BEST?) graphist on Atari and at this moment he gave a new dimension to HMD demos with his marvellous logos.

The HMD dentro includes one of the best logo ever made on ST (see Image Book, hmd_feur).

We released an dentro in complete fulltracker -FullParts- and the Colorz demo wich won the first place at the Place 2 Be in 1993. A falcon was the price.

In 1994, we were fired from HMD. Certainly because we were neither making things on ST. But the scene was dying. Everybody was going on PC, Amiga 1200 or falcon. But the falcon won for the Colorz stayed with Montpellier guys :(.

After some years of inactivities, we decided to bring back STknights to life in 1996.

A small attempt was done when Jace learn a friend-Alex- to code in assembly in 1994. But this guy have to go make his studies…

  • ACT 4 – We are not anymore young

In 1997-1998, Jace manage to make a new megademo, called « Resurrection ». At this moment Leonard/OXG was back too and asked him to join his projet. But making a oldstyle demo was not the trip.

Only one crew merged to the STK’s project: TSCC.Llama and Modmate made some screen and very brillant gfxs. Jace started to work on his 3D gouraud and mapping routs, not using c2bp technics. Credits, greetings screens were made.

In 1998, the hardisk of Jace crashed. All sources were lost. Only an old version of the gouraud rout was copied on a floppy. Disgusted, Jace never got back the force to re-code all.

But was not the weight of the years getiing right on him? :( The motivation is not the same, the wife is asking why making this stupids things on an old machine,…

2003 is the year of the birth of Jace’s daughter, Anna. A small intro made for Alive 7 and perhaps some really new motivations…